Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tomgirl's Picks of the Week, Dec. 29, 2009

This weekly installment of Tomgirl Tours' favorite people, places and websites is a sort of year-in-review; the best of the best from 2009. These fabulous friends, writers, bloggers and services are great resources for women and travelers...

In the Media
  • Big Blend Magazine is an e-zine dedicated to educating and informing readers about the various parts of the United States and beyond. While their subject matter ranges from leisure to music to fashion to special interest, we (of course!) adore their travel section. Run by mother-and-daughter team Nancy Reid and Lisa D. Smith (one of our favorite Twitter friends, too!)
  • Afar magazine, is a gorgeous publication that is right up our alley, with a focus on experiential travel... in their own words: Today's travelers want to get beyond the superficial, the mass-produced, the mass-consumed, and the mass-experienced. They look for the authentic in people, places, and things. Bravo!
  • Travel with Julie is one of our absolute favorite blogs. Writer Julie Gilley offers travel tips, ideas and opinions, all with the educated voice of someone who has been there (and everywhere!) Fantastic content; a must-read!

People to Know

  • Our friend Lauren Mackler is a world-renowned coach, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and host of the weekly Life Keys radio show on Hay House Radio. She has risen to international prominence by developing Illumineering, a groundbreaking coaching method that integrates family systems work, psychodynamic psychology, and coaching to help people free themselves from the shackles of their life conditioning, and create the personal and professional lives to which they aspire. Check out Lauren’s blog.
  • Vivvos designs and produces brazilian inspired underwear that makes Tomgirls like us want to indulge in their girly side! Vivvos is produced in in Vancouver with Italian fabrics. As their tagline perfectly summarizes: take away the danger and remove the constraints and the wayward spirit runs free. Love it!
  • Single Gourmet is a sweet (or savory!) way for single foodies to meet others. This great concept blends socializing with with food, offering a chance to meet new friends, enjoy great conversation, and sample top restaurants... talk about our favorite things! Check out their Metro New York and Rhode Island/Connecticut groups.

Hope you enjoyed our list of favorites this week, and will drop us a line with some of your own. Meanwhile, a safe, happy and prosperous New Year... See you in 2010!

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