Monday, August 24, 2009

Let Us Answer Your Adventure Travel Questions

“Adventure” is like the words wealthy, attractive, or intelligent: its meaning is almost always relative to the speaker or the audience. To some, an “adventure” getaway entails journeying to a hotel that doesn’t have an in-house spa. To others, it requires jumping out of a plane.

In travel circles we use the adjectives hard (like Bungee jumping or white water rafting) and soft (bird watching or culinary tours), to help define the level of adventure. But activities in the two categories swing to extremes, begging the question: what about someone who might want to try something that gets her heart pumping a bit, but isn’t quite ready for a vertical ice climb?

For starters, you fit into the Tomgirl category. And for that category we’ve coined the term “mildly adventurous.” What does that mean? Well, as you’ve seen here on our blog, our activities range from zip-lining and indoor skydiving, to ropes courses and Segway riding.

Mild adventure is our style and, as such, we’re working on our upcoming webinar, Adventure Travel 101, to help explain the differences in adventure excursions, answer questions would-be Tomgirls have, and ease the minds of anyone who has considered an adventure tour, but is still hesitating.

During the Webinar Ann Petronio of Annie’s Escapes and I will answer questions about how to plan an adventure vacation and provide food for thought on choosing the right tour (addressing topics like travel goals, destination choices, desired activities and budget planning).

But we know there are other questions out there so, throw ‘em at us and we’ll be sure to address your queries. Have you taken an adventure vacation? What was your experience? If you haven’t yet experienced an adventure tour, what questions or concerns have stopped you? Do you have fears about the level of adventure or fitness required to participate? Do you wonder about the safety of the activities?

Feel free to post any questions in the comment section here or email them directly to me: lori@tomgirltours.

The Webinar is Sept. 23; we’ll have registration available next week but, if you’d like advance information, just let me know!


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