Monday, October 12, 2009

Tomgirl's Newest Journey: the Path to Financial Empowerment

Personal finance has always been a passion for me. Understanding what, how, and when I need to manage my money in order to have a secure, healthy and comfortable lifestyle makes me feel good about myself, my family and my life situation. It's a great feeling to get to a point where you aren't worrying about credit card debt and your ability to the pay the mortgage on time but rather to focus on the things we need to do to proactively create wealth - small or large wealth; either way, it doesn't matter... what matters is thinking and planning. I've educated myself in many ways, and one of my favorite sources of information is Suze Orman, but I--like many women--could have used more proactive help over the years.

Enter Tomgirl Tours' newest tour feature: financial planning workshops on our Vermont tours next year. You might be asking yourself: “Financial planning and adventure travel?” Well, this workshop will be less like a “typical” financial planning seminar than like an adventure in itself.

My partners in this are Ameriprise advisors Chris Hager and Chris Di Fronzo, who are going about this with a unique approach - we are going to start with your dreams and desires and set about creating your wealth vision. Huh? What is that? Your wealth vision gives you the chance to "dream" about what you really want (I mean, what do you really, really want? A farm house in the woods; a cupcake truck business in the summer? More time with family?) In this area we'll help you to create your dream board. From there, Chris and Chris will go through the steps of planning and executing each aspect necessary to meet your vision. We will talk about things like passive and passionate income; tax avoidance strategies; wealth protection and the usual stuff like stocks, bonds and insurance... After all, a goal starts with an end result in mind (and on paper) and the clarity of purpose and actions to make it come true.

I’m excited about these sessions and helping other women dream, plan and execute their futures - ones that hold security, comfort and the wonderful feeling of empowerment that planning and taking action gives to us.

Money grows exponentially and so can we!

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