Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tomgirls Make Wishes Come True...

As part of Tomgirl Tours' holiday gift certificate program, which supports four of our favorite charitable organizations, we will be sharing a bit about each of the charity here on Travel for Tomgirls.

Kicking off this series of four posts is A Wish Come True.
Unlike our other partner organizations, A Wish Come True doesn't focus on women, health or the outdoors; it is simply a wonderful organization with an admirable mission (providing "wishes" for children battling life-threatening illness) that speaks to me and many other women.

A Wish Come True, founded in 1982, grants wishes to children aged 3-18; as of this year, they have granted 1,200 wishes, costing an average of $5,000 each. It is difficult to read through the stories of the children they've helped without getting choked up and wanting to help them grant wishes to more children... and so, Tomgirl Tours has vowed to do just that this holiday!

Anyone who purchases a Tomgirl Tours gift certificate this season can choose A Wish Come True (or three other organizations) and Tomgirl will donate at least $75 ($125 for week-long tour purchases) directly to A Wish Come True... allowing you to truly give special new meaning to your holiday "wish" list.

Call (866) 922-4990 or email me directly at for more information or to purchase a gift certificate.

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