Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Break

As a tomgirl in New England, I am (as I do every year), counting down to summer. The skis, parkas and boots are tucked away and I’m like I was as a grade schooler waiting for school to let out! (speaking of: yes, that's me, right, with my sister Donna and nephew Dale).

We’ve had a few sneak peeks of warm weather so far, but with the arrival of May, abundant sunshine lies just ahead… and with it, endless adventure! There will be travel and zip lining and hiking and swimming and countless other activities. So, please forgive us if we’re a little quieter than usual. Instead of here on our blog, you’ll find us in our spare time in the parks, at the beaches and in the woods.

While you won’t be hearing as much from us here, each month, throughout the spring and summer, I will be discussing adventure and travel and Tomgirl Tours on Big Blend radio; we’ll keep you posted on the schedule and hope you’ll listen in.

Meanwhile, please do to chime in here or on Tomgirl Tours’ Facebook and share stories of your own adventures, wherever they may be. Wishing you all a spectacular spring and summer!

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