Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflections on the Importance of Business Partners

At the start of a New Year, I’m doing a little reflecting on 2009’s achievements, challenges, and the partnerships that supported Tomgirl through it all. I started Tomgirl Tours last year and, as a micro-business owner, needed a little help in executing the launch. It was vital to find the right talent: experienced, results-oriented, and flexible partners to help me start and grow Tomgirl Tours. I was very fortunate to find three of the most professional, committed and effective business partners, and I’d like to tell you all about these amazing people and each of their small, but powerful, micro businesses. I would recommend all of them –hands down – because they always met or exceeded my high expectations:

  • I’ll start with Jeremy Nivison from Nivison Multimedia. Jeremy was a key and critical partner in establishing Tomgirl Tours’ website—from conception to inception. We worked together across the country, from Providence R.I. to Providence Utah, to design, test, perfect and then launch Jeremy’s attention to customer service is first rate. His turnaround times then and now are immediate; his communication always friendly, insightful and reassuring—even during those critical deadline periods. All this, and the quality of his work is outstanding. I highly recommend Jeremy for any website related services!
  • With the website designed, we needed a fast, reliable hosting company we could trust. We found the perfect company with Jesse Kielhorn, Founder and President of This 23-year-old Wentworth graduate has the business and customer-service acumen of a professional twice his age. My website uptime is 100% - how is that possible?! Not sure, but I’ll bet is has something to do with this young entrepreneur’s leadership, technical know-how, and impeccable commitment to outstanding customer service. The detailed reports I get from offer very precise data that allows for savvy marketing, promotion, and advertising analysis; letting me know where my dollars have been effective. And talk about high-end customer service – read these comments from other EchoServer clients and check out the low prices. Go Jesse!
  • Last, but certainly not least, is my communications and public relations specialist (not to mention, social networking aficionado and sleuth) Carrie Soucy, Founder and President of Miamore Communications. Carrie just knows how to get a strong promotion and branding message out, and she wastes no time getting results. My blog and website visits double and triple each time she puts her savvy and figurative “pen to paper” (or should I say “keyboard strokes to Blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube”). Carrie doesn’t just provide ideas and solutions, but she puts together a promotional and communication strategy based on her clients’ upscale product branding, marketing and promotional needs and goals (and if you don’t have them defined yet—don’t worry—Carrie will walk you through that process too!) As her tagline says, Miamore Communications spreads the word about life’s finer things, and we, as a very happy client, could not agree more!

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