Thursday, July 30, 2009

Curious About Adventure Travel? Read On…

Okay, what exactly is “adventure” travel? Heard the buzz and wonder what it entails (and if it is for you)? If so, you aren’t alone. We hear those questions a lot at Tomgirl Tours. So, to answer them, this September I’ll be hosting a webinar “Adventure Travel Demystified,” along with travel agent Ann Petronio of Annie’s Escapes. Ann and I decided to offer this informational webinar because so many women want to try an adventure tour but haven’t—whether due to uncertainty over the itinerary, safety, or required fitness levels (short answer on the latter: if you can walk a couple of miles, you’ll be just fine on a Tomgirl tour!). Our goal with this webinar is to debunk people’s fears of the unknown in adventure travel.

Here at Tomgirl, for example, we focus on “soft adventure”: we’re not climbing glaciers, but we’re not spending our tours indoors getting manicures either (although we do understand that a girl wants to be pampered, and add a touch of that to every tour!). Our recent White Mountain Adventure excursion in New Hampshire is the epitome of soft adventure: a zip line canopy tour and indoor skydiving lesson, balanced by a morning of shopping in the heart of North Conway.

Right now, we’re in the planning stages for the webinar, figuring out which of the many questions about adventure travel we should really tackle. Any subjects you’d like us to address? I’d love to hear from you (feel free to comment or send us an email directly). The webinar is slated for September 23, so you can get started on figuring out your 2010 vacation with your travel consultant and tour provider. We’ll give more details and remind you again as the date approaches, but mark your calendars and please do chime in to let us know what information you’d like to hear about in the webinar.

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