Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello, and welcome to Travel for Tomgirls!

You may be asking yourself: what, exactly, is a tomgirl? As the self-proclaimed ultimate Tomgirl, let me explain: Tomgirls love the outdoors, nature and adventure; they love to explore the world—they zip line through the forest, hot air balloon above the Arizona desert, and seek out culinary expeditions and fresh local cuisine when they travel. Tomgirls enjoy challenges, yet they balance it out with some pampering and “girly” activities - like messages, private art tours, or a bit of shopping.

So, what makes me the ultimate Tomgirl? Well, I grew up on a New England farm with five older brothers and two sisters and spent my youth swimming, fishing and endlessly exploring the forests and ocean. With a childhood like that, I was hooked on nature and the outdoors from an early age. From the farm, I headed to the city in search for new adventures. I spent 25 years as a corporate executive where customer service and travel refined my tastes and broadened my perspective.

I found myself questioning: how does one blend these different interests--outdoors; nature; adventure; boutique, upscale and refined--into a new vocation that includes it all? Well, I started with a sabbatical from the corporate world and, after reflection on those passions and talents, I founded Tomgirl Tours, which has become the natural extension of both. As the CEO of Tomgirl Tours, I get to use my business and service expertise to create memorable adventure travel excursions for active women like me who love travel, adventure and the outdoors. 

I’m so excited to be here blogging… sharing my love for adventure travel and new culinary experiences with others who love to do the same. If you love adventure, but haven't had enough of it lately, then you've found the perfect person to help you get outdoors.  On Travel For Tomgirls, we'll talk about travel insights, personal adventure and culinary experiences, and share every exciting Tomgirl Tours journey. I can’t wait to meet all the wonderful adventurers here in the blogosphere, and hope to meet you in person on one of our Tomgirl Tours sometime soon!

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