Friday, February 19, 2010

Tomgirl Reviews: the EMS thumb-loop power stretch top

At Tomgirl Tours, function, comfort and style are critical components for us when selecting our own outdoor clothing and gear. Whether we are running errands after work, attacking a ski slope or hiking through the woods, these are necessary elements when making a purchase. Here, Amanda DiLeone, an ultimate Tomgirl (and our Business Development specialist), shares one of her favorite outdoor clothing finds, the Eastern Mountain Sports thumb loop, power stretch half zip top.

Amanda is so active and involved in so many outdoor activities, we never know what adventure she's on is on (it’s hard to catch her indoors!) But we did catch her between her snow mobiling trip last week in New Hampshire and her zip lining and ski/spa adventure next week, to explain why this top (which, by the way, is on sale at the moment!) is a great find for outdoor enthusiasts.

First, I love the beautiful Morocan/Blue Curacao color. The texture had that polar tech feel (soft and stretchy) and the thumb loops were intriguing. I’ve never had a top like that and wanted to experience it.

I wear it all over the place (and I wear it a lot!)... at the office sometimes, running errands, hiking and, just last weekend, I wore it while on my snow mobiling adventure through the remote forests of New Hampshire. It’s so comfortable that I want to wear it everywhere.

The fabric is great because it’s does NOT pull and pill up like some other products do. Also, the sleeves are very long and placing my thumbs through the loops keeps my hands warm. The thumb loop also keeps the sleeves tight and neat around my arm so I can pull my gloves and coat right over it and everything stays in place. That’s a big factor because, on an adventure, I am moving around so much and I need to stay warm. It’s also great as a pull over with a tee shirt underneath and has a cool zip pocket on the upper left side.

You may consider going one size UP. I’m not sure if they run small or why that worked out for me, but that next size fits me just perfect.

Watch next week for a gear review by Tomgirl founder Lori Carr on new Giro G9 ski helmet, which she'll be sporting on the slopes of New Hampshire this weekend. Have fun Lori (and we’re so glad to hear you sport a helmet while skiing!)

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