Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tomgirl’s Picks of the Week: February 2, 2010

Hello, February! The year is already flying by, but we want to stop to give props to these great places, bloggers and media. If you love to travel (especially if you are a woman), you’ll want to connect with these fantastic resources. Happy Travel Tuesday!

Media Resources

We “met” Melanie Nayer on Twitter and quickly found a kindred spirit: a woman who loves to travel and sample adventure—be it outdoor activity, sampling new cuisine, or simply: exploring the world. Her blog is a wealth of insight… from discovering new places to simply commentating on the joys of travel. Here’s a perfect example: her 5 guilty travel pleasures of travel.

Carol Margolis, women’s travel guru, is another amazing resource we connected with on Twitter! Carol’s site, Smartwomenstravelers.com is phenomenal; a one-stop shop for any woman who travels. The site covers all the joys and challenges of travel—be it for business or pleasure. A must read!

People & Places

As most of you know, we have a serious soft spot for Arizona… for both personal reasons and because, well, our Red Rock Rendezvous is one of our favorite Tomgirl tours. So, imagine our delight to discover Arizona Spa Girls! Focusing on fabulous spas in Arizona (hey, Tomgirls love to unwind in style! 0h, this site is the brainchild of Lisa Kasanicky, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Girlfriend Getaways. Check out the site, or follow them on Twitter.

Our next suggestion isn’t necessarily travel related, but for women out there (especially those in our area: Rhode Island), we love to recommend Maureen Umehara, founder of Women's Club SWANS. Maureen is an avid networker and very committed to connecting women in the local area. Her speakers and events are always of the highest quality. With a mission statement of: “To offer opportunities for women 21 years and older, living in and around RI, to have fun connecting and supporting one another in achieving their individual goals”… well, how could we possibly not love her!

From Tomgirl Tours

We couldn’t be more excited about this bit of (big!) news: we have joined the Big Blend Magazine family! Big Blend is an online “variety” magazine featuring lots of information and resources in a range of categories. Tomgirl Tours’ CEO Lori Carr is the newest expert on the site, specializing (of course!) in women’s adventure getaways. Lori will be a regular speaker on Big Blend radio, and author of monthly articles on the subject. Here’s a peek, but stay tuned, as we’ll be posting more on our Big Blend partnership soon!

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