Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tomgirl’s Picks of the Week: February 16, 2010

We love discovering fabulous new travel writers. We equally adore our partners and friends who share our passion for adventure. Happily this week, we have some fantastic examples of both! So, without further ado, here are our picks this week: people and places you simply can't miss...

Media Resources
In a sea of travel resources, Brave New Traveler stands out for a unique take on travel. Instead of just focusing on certain places, these writers take a broader look; exploring how to travel the world, respect other cultures, and discover the many paths to being a global citizen.

How does one summarize a website like Gadling.com? Amazing. This well-written resource is (in their words): "the world's biggest travel blog, written and edited by passionate travelers and writers. Covering all aspects of travel from around the world, Gadling is the premiere source for everything from travel news to travel tips, from budget travel to adventure travel -- and for everything in between."

Solofriendly.com is a great blog that focuses on exploring the world on your own. We love the advice: "If there is a place you want to see, then go see it. Don’t let anything—fear, other people, lack of resources, etc.—keep you from exploring this huge, diverse world we live in."

Interesting People
One of our favorite elements in our Green Mountains Escape tours in Vermont is the hot air balloon ride. So, meet the man who makes that happen: Jeff Snyder of Above Reality. Jeff runs a spectacular operation, which includes the largest hot air balloon in New England. His record and experience ensure that all Tomgirls on the tour are in good hands!

Susan Rezendez, owner of The Travel Connection, is a wonderful fellow travel enthusiast who owns her own travel agency and was very helpful to Tomgirl Tours when we first launched last year. She's incredibly experienced and knowledgeable and can find anyone the perfect trip.

From Tomgirl Tours
Heading North this weekend for a much-anticipated weekend of skiing! Destination: New Hampshire, site of our White Mountains Escape. While we're looking forward to the snow this weekend, we're also anxious for spring, and the two White Mountains Escape tours we have scheduled!

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